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AGRO-Terminal Nacht
Stahlsilos Getreide
Economic grain storage
Bahnverladung Getreide
Handling of agricultural products

Company AGRO-Terminal Heidenau

A gateway to the world for grain from Central and Eastern Europe

In the heart of Saxony and in the immediate vicinity of the Polish and Czech borders, the AGRO Terminal Heidenau has established itself as a permanent fixture in international agricultural trade since its foundation in 2012.

The enlargement of the European Union in 2004 and the accession of new members to the Schengen area in December 2007 meant a great facilitation and intensification of economic relations in Europe. The free movement of goods, persons and capital contributed to the rapprochement of East and West and the economic exchange grew exponentially.

Agricultural trade also benefited considerably from this development. However, the growing volumes of goods in export and import required stable and robust logistics solutions. The AGRO Terminal Heidenau relied on rail from the very beginning. With its direct rail connection to the long-distance railway line Prague-Dresden-Hamburg, it offers a customer-friendly and reliable logistics concept that understands and lives rail logistics as a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

We provide our customers with an optimal offer to get their grain to the consumers, not only on the world markets. For the regional and Central European compound feed industry, we ensure a reliable supply of protein feed.

The AGRO Terminal Heidenau thrives on constant exchange with customers. Above all, we see ourselves as a reliable service provider and are proud to have been able to stand by our business partners for more than 10 years!

Raw goods handling AGRO Terminal Heidenau

The AGRO Terminal Heidenau is a logistical hub for agricultural trade in Saxony, southern Poland and the Czech Republic.

In order to be able to fulfil this task, the AGRO Terminal developed gradually from the original capacity of 45 thousand tonnes in 2012 to 90 thousand tonnes in the second stage in 2013 to the current storage capacity of around 135 thousand tonnes. In Heidenau, we offer a bimodal solution with road and rail.

Our own rail connection on the long-distance railway line between Bad Schandau and Hamburg enables loading and transport of self-managed heavy goods trains up to 2,300 tonnes net. The plannability and regularity of this rail logistics also takes account of the sustainability concept: through the AGRO Terminal Heidenau, goods are shifted from road to rail and environmental friendliness is literally "in the genes" of the AGRO Terminal. CO2 is saved with every loaded train.

Our premises

The receiving capacity for grain in the truck area is about 5,000 tonnes per day. At the same time, we can load up to 2,000 tonnes of protein feed onto the lorries every day. The high degree of automation and the speed of loading and unloading increase the efficiency of the trucks used and in this way also contribute to customer satisfaction and profitability. We see the trucking companies as partners and as an indispensable part of the logistics chain in agricultural trade.The AGRO Terminal Heidenau is a logistical hub for agricultural trade in Saxony, southern Poland and the Czech Republic.


AGRO-Terminal Heidenau

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